HGH (Human Growth Hormone): Uses and Side Effects
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or 90ug. When HGH decreases, our bodies age faster. Most hormones, like estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone, significantly decline as you age. Long ago, the medical community came up with ways to naturally or synthetically replace these hormones and to some extent slow the effects of aging. However, it's only been more recently that the focus has shifted to increasing the level of human growth hormones in our bodies.

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Just like with many other hormones, somatotropin secretion has several peaks during the day (as a rule, the secretion peak occurs every 3-5 hours). There are several peaks, during which the concentration of HGH increases significantly. The highest peak is observed at night (about an hour after falling asleep).

In addition, the secretion of human growth hormone is steadily decreasing because of age-related changes. The normal level of somatotropin is maximal in early childhood. The maximal secretion rates are higher in adolescents (during the period of intensive linear growth and puberty). When you are 25, the rates of synthesis of somatotropin gradually decrease. As a rule, the main causes of low synthesis of somatotropin in children include various congenital conditions. As for acquired disorders, these include hypoxia, head trauma, CNS tumors, etc. The main problems with growth hormone in adults occur in case of pituitary adenoma, as well as due to radiation exposure and brain surgery.

To be completely honest, there is a need for HGH injections for some population groups. Thus, HGH can be used to treat children and adults who have a significant growth hormone deficiency. However, endocrinologists from around the world strongly recommend avoid using injections without extreme urgency.HGH

Those who want to increase growth hormone levels should choose high-protein foods (these products contain amino acids that stimulate the production of growth hormone). It is better to exclude sugar (a sharp increase in the concentration of glucose suppresses the synthesis of growth hormone). Wholemeal bread, vegetables, fruits, cereals will be perfect.

HGH rarely causes side effects if used in moderate doses. Almost all side effects are reversible. At the same time, it was clearly proven that HGH helps improve physical strength, reduce the level of harmful cholesterol, improve skin properties, strengthen bones and ligaments and rejuvenate the body. A sufficient level of HGH is important for growth and good health. The question is what to choose: increase the level of the hormone naturally or use synthetic drugs. Note that the human body responds best to the natural stimulation of physiological processes. Any artificial routes (growth hormone injections, peptides, etc.) may have a lot of complications and side effects. Therefore, everything that is done to improve health should be as natural as possible.

According to a recent report in the Chicago Tribune the number of US teens that are using synthetic HGH has more than doubled from 2012 to 2013. A survey done by a group of antidrug advocates found the reason HGH use was up was because users were seeking to improve their athletic performance and their appearance. Most times, people tend to think about men when talking about those who use human growth hormone. The truth however is that this naturally-produced substance is beneficial to both males and females. It may even be said that women make up the group that are more likely to be attracted to the use of this vital hormone, if only they realize its usefulness, given they tend to show more interest in good health and looks. A good number of celebrities who have already taken up HGH use – having realized its amazing benefits – are women.

Before you take out your wallet and start putting in tons of money into anti-aging pills, creams and shots you should know the truth about what these companies are making. Once you know what it is you are actually buying, you can then make your own decision about if it is worth it to you. This information is taken from a number of different studies on human growth hormones which is also known as HGH, Recombinant human growth hormone, rHGH, GH, Growth Hormone, Somatropin and Somatotropin . To start with, however, you will want to avoid any natural HGH supplement that claims to contain real HGH or Somatotropin.


An easy way that companies can make you believe what you are buying is the best thing, is by charts, lists and graphs. Most people will believe results of a study when it is shown on a graph on a website or in a magazine. There is a problem with this however. You don't know who did the study or if it was even done, nor do you know who is writing the chart. For instance, they could simply list their own product at the top of a list of other random products out there. Many companies will work up fake comparison charts that show their products on par with others on the market. These types of charts usually contain false information, or are only comparing one branch of their company to another, ensuring that no matter what, they will be on the top of the list. They could also be using fake ingredients, or using terms that don't really exist to make their product sound better. Companies could also hire other people to make shell companies that make several different labels making it seem all of the products are coming from different companies. Then does a bogus consumer survey or comparison website and, what do you know, their products are always on top. Other companies will use basic words to try and trick the consumer into thinking they are buying far better stuff than they actually are. One example of this would be a company saying their product has a huge or massive dose of 1500-2000 nanograms of HGH. This sounds like a lot because of the words huge and massive and with numbers well over one-thousand. The problem is, a nanogram is one billionth of a gram. Thus 2000 nanograms is not much at all, or in simpler term, basically nothing. Companies notorious for doing this would be those who make oral sprays. They often claim several thousand nanograms of HGH, which is still nothing. On top of that, if any company ever claims to have real HGH, it's probably a scam.

Going back to the homeopathic HGH, it has been shown that it isn't a very effective way to receive the human growth hormones benefits. In fact, most companies are just using terms like homeopathic, or homeopathic-like as a marketing scheme to get your to buy their product, or to feel safer with their method of treatment. In fact, homeopathic HGH isn't even real. The reason is because HGH is a drug that needs a doctor's prescription and couldn't be bought in a homeopathic form, otherwise there would be tons of other prescription drugs available in a homeopathic version. In fact, many experts say that companies that are doing things like this are only giving true homeopathic drugs a bad name. Normally companies will just take their homeopathic growth hormone products and add in additional ingredients which can be found in normal vitamin supplements. On top of that, studies have been shown that if HGH were available in a homeopathic version, it would actually be a solution to too much HGH and would work similarly to a HGH vaccine, lowering the production and the amount available in the body.

One of the best ways to increase the level of HGH that your body produces is through strength training. Anything high intensity will convince your body to create more growth hormone. Don't think that you have to hit the gym or the weight room everyday though, check online for some great body-weight training programs that you can do at home when you have time. These types of programs will use your own body as weights and allow you to get a full workout and increase your human growth hormone production potential.

You next step should actually be to increase your amount of sleep. Studies have shown that the highest levels of HGH production are during the late stages of your sleep pattern. This means the longer you stay in that deep sleep, the more HGH you will have in your body. This a great ways to keep yourself looking and feeling young. So if you start to cut your sleep by even just a few hours, you are losing precious growth hormone production time. Eight hours per night is all it takes to improve your quality of life.

The phrase laughter is the best medicine has been used in hundreds of movies and I'm sure each of you has heard it your fair share of times, but, it can be true. Laughing for an hour or two per week will actually increase you HGH production and keep you feeling younger. Do whatever it takes, whether that is going to a comedy club or just hanging around with your funniest friends, it will help your body create more HGH. The appealing benefits of human growth hormone (HGH) are no longer a secret. Many people have been so drawn by them that different companies have flooded the market with various products that supposedly help to boost the HGH levels in the body. These products range from HGH injections to releasers, activators and sprays. Vitamin A is one of many reasons why you need to maintain a healthy diet. It is one of numerous nutrients that help to keep you in good health. How does it exactly help? What are the signs of deficiency? Where can you get more of it? You will find answers to these questions and more in this article.

The eyes may rightly be described as the light of the body. Without them, a person will be in darkness all the time. But as undesirable as it may be, vision loss does happen all the same, particularly as people get older. It is therefore not surprising to see many older people with glasses. However, it has been suggested that having sufficient human growth hormone (HGH) in the body can help to improve vision. Studies of healthy adults taking human growth hormone are limited. Although it appears that human growth hormone can increase muscle mass and reduce the amount of body fat in healthy older adults, the increase in muscle doesn't translate into increased strength. It isn't clear if human growth hormone might provide other benefits to healthy adults. Not everyone is aware of the incredible health Benefits of Human Growth Hormone on a regular basis, and these people really are missing out. It may sound a bit alien to some to inject a hormone into your body. In actual fact, HGH is something that is produced naturally in our bodies. The injections just increase the level of this natural hormone with some amazing HGH Benefits. HGH, produced in the pituitary gland, is a hormone that is responsible for growth in the body. HGH Benefits are largely associated with youthful qualities such as energy, vigor, stamina and clear skin.

HGH (Human Growth Hormone): Uses and Side Effects